Saturday, January 17, 2009

And now for the 2B term....

Yes, I failed at posting, I know. Basically I went home after my exams, and didn't feel like typing anything long there with the small screen and stuff. Blah. I'm going to do my best now to recount what has happened in the past month and do a better job at not failing at keeping up so I can recount details better.

After my CS exam, I went home the following day. Home was meh. Actually, it was slightly better than I was expecting thanks to my dad's ability to keep me at least slightly entertained throughout the week. And of course, no one pressured me about school. Which believe me, helps a lot.

During the break one of things that I did was indoor Go-Karting, and it was AMAZING. My father and I had the entire tract to our selves for our run, and I had a blast. It was clear though that I am far too light for those machines because around every corner, regardless as to if I was on the accelerator at the time or not, could feel the back end sliding. Of course, being on the accelerator made the sliding more profound, but still.

Over the course of the Christmas break I aquired the following (that I can remember at the time of writting this of course :P ). Some sweaters, a dress shirt, scarf, gloves, a Canon 'PnS' camera (which I still have to install the CHDK on :/ ), bunch of money in cash and gift cards, the new Sonicare toothbrush, new watch, 640GB WD HDD, Vantec Nexstar 3 HDD enclosure, and my Introduction to Quantum Computing book. I ended up spending my $50 Futureshop card on another gig of (the now dead format) DDR1 RAM and the WoW Battle Chest for 3x experience goodness.

I'm trying to find a job for this summer that doesn't completely suck. Well, by that I mean a job that is actually even mildly related to what I'm studying here at UW. Andrew is asking a few PhD physics students that he knows if they have any need for me, and I have a few professors in mind that I would like to ask. I only just a few minutes ago find out where they're actual offices are (due to UW having inconsistent and old information scattered across everywhere).

Classes I'm taking this term are the following:
  • Phys 256(L) Intro to Optics and the lab component
  • Phys 263 Classical Mechanics and Special Relativity
  • Phys 258 Thermal Physics
  • Math 239 Introduction to Combinatorics
  • Stat 230 Probability
OH! I just remembered! Andrew was kind enough to buy me TF2 for Christmas when it was on sale for only $10. I good number of hours of that this week; its quite a fun game. I enjoying playing as Medic, but I'm getting better at Sniper to.

There were some other things that I was going to type about, but now its getting late and because of that I have forgotten what I was going to type about. Well, there's a few things that I can think of, but I don't feel like getting into that at the moment.

Anyways, here's to me not failing as much at posting. Now that I'm back at UW I should fail less.

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