Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hurry up CS!

Gwahh why does my CS exam have to be on the last day of exams?! If it was a difficult course I wouldn't mind that, but it is my easiest course this term!

Hmm lets see here, what I have done since last post in my bored haze...
  • Installed Slackware 12.2! I've made a good deal of progress into making it fully working to my liking. Got the proprietary nvidia drivers working, 4 out of 5 of the buttons on my mouse working, the scroll wheel operational, and have started to cut down on the number of installed apps. When I was installing, I didn't know that selecting full install would install several programs that all serve the same purpose for everything I would want to do on my computer. I think I had 4 IRC clients after installation...I think I may just reinstall once I figure out how to make all my hardware work the way I want it.
  • Caught up on the Bleach manga. I read all the manga between where the anime currently is to the end. Took me about 5 hours yesterday o_o . It was awesome!
  • Picked up some books for next term. Well, one of them is for next term (Intro to Thermal Physics for, you guessed it, my thermal class) and the other is for a course I plan on taking in 4th year called Introduction to Quantum Information Processing. The book is called "An Introduction to Quantum Computing" written by some of the professors here one of whom is the professor for that course.
Yeah that's really about it. Blah.

I'm trying to figure out what I should do today, but I'm awefully short on ideas. I plan on reading my book a bit, and doing a bit of studying, but other than that I have no idea! Its times like this where I wish I had an active WoW account Q_Q or another game that could keep my attention for longer than 1h at a time. I would like to have TF2 right about now, but I wasn't told that it was only $10 this past weekend! Since its back up to $20 I haven't bought it because the entirety of the Orange Box is $30! But I'm pretty yeah.

Oh well, time to burn time somehow...

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