Friday, September 10, 2010

Vacation End and Term Start

So as I sit here in the guest bed, getting ready for my last sleep of my vacation, I can't help but want to reflect a bit on my adventure to Massachusetts...

Everything has been pretty awesome. This area is a nice place to say the least. The family with whom I've been staying with have been very kind to me. They've allowed me into their home, and everyone has welcomed me with open arms. Coming from a much smaller family, the large number of people has been a fun experience.

Today was the first day after several of "no driving allowed" for Carolyn (due to doctor appointments), so we went into Boston. Our goal was to visit Harvard and MIT. Seemed simple enough....until we discovered that parking is pretty much impossible. At the end, we got to drive by some of the buildings. Considerably less than I was originally hoping for. Oh well. Next time, proper visit!

Tomorrow morning I leave for Logan airport to return to Ontario...where I will promptly start getting ready for my 4A term. I have a nice selection of classes this term....and by nice I mean OMG SO MUCH WORK
  • Quantum Physics 3
  • Quantum Theory 2
  • Electricity and Magnetism (part 1)
  • SYDE electronics course* & lab*
  • Econ 101*
  • Research project*
* indicate courses that I haven't been signed up for yet...sigh

On another note, I started thinking about what content I want to put into my Phys 10 presentation about the misconceptions of quantum computing.

Anyways, gotta get some rest for tomorrow.

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