Monday, June 1, 2009

Facebook really has become a bloated POS

I feel that I should copy what I posted on Facebook the other day here. I hope its not THAT hard to read; I did type this up at 1am in bed so keep that in mind when my sentences don't make any sense. I've editted and expanded it to help correct my mistakes :P

So the other day when I logged onto Facebook I stopped and looked at the site. Lately its been pissing me off, but I was always in too big of a rush to look at all the flaws that I find in it. When I stopped to really look at it, I've found that it really has become a bloated POS that has reached this point due to the general idiotic population. You know the people that I'm talking about. The highschoolers that "are cool", the 20-something-ers that never grew up, and those people that when you talk to them, you wish that the internet required a licence to use akin to driving.

You see, I've been using Facebook since before it was cool. I had it when nearly everyone that I talked to had never even heard of it. That said, I was introduced to it by someone else. Specifically, it was my then-not-yet-(now ex)girlfriend (who I despise to this day, but that's beside the point). Back then it had a purpose that it did well. I could send little messages to my friends quickly, and they would get them. I could share photos that I've taken instead of having to email them out or publish them on some photo sharing site that blows ass. I could even type notes out (like this right here), if I wanted to speak my mind a little.

But of course, then Facebook got popular, and the site had to change.

They added more and more "features". As I take a look at today's Facebook homepage, I see crap. Its actually really really bad. Although they have made some good design changes of the revisions, it is still REALLY BAD. Looking at the homepage, the biggest one is the complete waste of space. The main center column (and main purpose) of the frontpage is the update minifeed thinger. To the left and right of that middle column is crap. Now I understand that they made the site an absolute width (instead of making it relative to the viewer's resolution), but then they go and make the main column even skinnier. HUGE amounts of wasted space under the useless content in the left and right hand column. That is poor design.

Then what about all the crap on the frontpage? The first thing that I have to do when I log on is block a bunch of quizes because it is useless information made by some person that has no idea what they are doing. And of course to top it off, the Facebook programmers didn't add an option to block all quizes right I have to block them individually. Or how about all the crap on the right hand side? I don't care if someone "became a fan of funny faces", or that it is suggested that I add to my friends list people that it thinks I know (and clearly must be friends with). It is "features" that they add that have no real value.

Its because of all the stupid people, and the decisions made by the administration that have joined Facebook that it has gone the direction that it has. All the moronic people that think that it is a good idea to have some of this crap, which clearly the administration changes their product for (biggest proportion of customers) when actually, a lot of the features do absolutely nothing of value.

The original site that I joined way back had a purpose. Although I can still do a lot of it, there is now a ton of shit leaching off the useful part of Facebook that makes it hard to continue to see the benefit of using their service.

This reminds me of Windows. The core of it is serves a purpose, and it does it pretty well. Its only recently (hint hint vista hint hint win7) that the thing has so much OOO LOOK SHINY that is suppose to make it "better" when its really worse.


Corgii said...

I hate the way Facebook is now. It was WAY better, easier to read, and overall awesome in it's first layout. Now, I can't tell the different between my profile page and the home page. It's cluttered with crap that my friend's, my friend's friends, and my friend's friend's pets are doing! I can't tell if I wrote a message on someone's wall, or they wrote on mine!

I hate it :l

JR Camões said...

Yeah, there is a load of crap on facebook, but I find it pretty easy to skim through what is crap and go to what I want to see... it's a matter of habit I guess. I don't know how FB was back in the day (been using it for less than a year) but I can believe it was better. My biggest pet peeve is Farmville. Ew.